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INFOVISION is a dynamic and innovative company founded early in 1995 by partners with decades of experience in research and development. The rapidly changing of digital environment requires competence, dynamism and problem solving skills managing to keep up with the continuous transformations that involve technologies and development environments.

Infovision designs and implements industrial vision systems for quality control, robot guidance, material control in continuous, reading OCR, barcode, data matrix.

The company develops industrial ad hoc vision systems dealing directly with:

  • Analysis of the problem
  • Feasibility studies
  • Selection of the necessary hardware
  • Software Development
  • Installation of systems and post-start-up assistance

Production of vision systems is supported by a consolidated software development and consulting activities related to .Net, Java environments, C#, SQL Server, DB2, and other more oriented to the web as Asp .Net, PHP, MySql. 

The software development with the needs of production enviroment leads to the realization of traceability systems in the industrial field, to reading with the barcode guns or Datamatrix from the printing of labels for individual product tracking.

Infovision provides customized solutions by building modular industrial computer systems and configurable, in the following categories:

  • Industrial inspection systems 
  • Industrial supervision systems
  • Data collection systems from plants, production lines and machines
  • Production advancement management systems
  • Production scheduling systems
  • Warehouse Automation

Infovision puts at your service its expertise in the field of image processing, computer vision, control and data acquisition systems.

Our experience ranges from industrial applications such as vision systems, production tracking, SCADA up to databases and management software. We are able to provide complete solutions which, in addition to hardware and software, they are able to integrate handling systems including the use of robots, waste station of defective components, labeling machines, printers and Laser markers.

Infovision provides experts problem solving work groups in the creation of innovative products, supporting the customer from the design phase up to the phase of post-start-up assistance.